Türkiye produces new naval torpedo, missile systems

Within the scope of fulfilling the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces, the Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) has decided to mass produce three naval torpedo and missile systems, namely Akya, Atmaca and Sapan.

The contract for the new systems was signed at a ceremony attended by Defense Minister Yaşar Güler, Defense Industries President Haluk Görgün, representatives of the Turkish Armed Forces and the sector on Jan. 20.

"As [philosopher] Ibn Khaldun said, 'Geography is destiny.' Our seas are the protector and force multiplier of this destiny. Our indigenous and national submarine torpedo Akya, our national cruise missile Atmaca and our high-impact Sapan missile will make great contributions to our navy in our territorial waters and international waters," Güler said.

"Thanks to these systems, the Turkish Naval Forces will be able to prove its strength even in the farthest corners of our country's territorial waters," Görgün stated.

"It will ensure that it will find its place in the field as a deterrent power in the region, and in this direction, it will contribute significantly to protecting our interests in the seas and establishing peace in the region," he added.

The Atmaca cruise missile, developed by Roketsan to meet the operational needs in surface warfare, can be used on assault boats, frigates and corvettes. The missile, which has high hit precision, also draws attention with its 220-kilometer range and low radar signature.

Akya, also developed by Roketsan with national capabilities, is a new generation heavy class torpedo capable of engaging various classes of submarine and surface targets from submarines.

The main targets of the Sapan air defense missile include fighter jets, UAVs, helicopters and cruise...

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