US and UK Launch Eighth Round of Strikes Against Houthi Targets in Yemen

In a joint effort, the United States and the United Kingdom executed a series of strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, marking the eighth round of attacks within the past 10 days. The latest operation, carried out on Monday, targeted the rebels' infrastructure, hitting eight specific sites. This joint action received support from Canada, the Netherlands, Bahrain, and Australia.

Reports suggest that the strikes were deemed successful, achieving their objectives of destroying missiles, weapons storage facilities, and drone systems. Notably, this recent operation follows a smaller strike on January 11, which was dwarfed by the first joint operation targeting over 30 Houthi sites.

The strikes on Monday focused on a Houthi underground storage site and a location associated with Houthi missiles and air surveillance. The US deployed fighter jets from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, along with surface vessels and a submarine, to carry out the operation. Approximately 25-30 precision-guided munitions, including Tomahawk cruise missiles, were employed.

President Joe Biden discussed security in the Red Sea with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during a Monday conversation. The joint statement released by the US and UK emphasized their commitment to de-escalating tensions and restoring stability in the Red Sea. The countries issued a warning to Houthi leadership, reaffirming their readiness to defend lives and ensure the free flow of commerce.

In a notable development, the US struck an underground storage facility used by the Houthis for the first time. This site was identified to house more advanced conventional weaponry, including missiles and one-way attack drones.

Operation Poseidon Archer, as the ongoing operation is named by the USS,...

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