"We have a problem... Units are being prepared to confront us"

While approving decisions on protecting the state border in 2024, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko called for vigilance amid the increased military activity in the neighboring countries, BelTA has learned.
According to him, it is now important to pay attention to border protection.
"Today's decision to protect the state border was made taking into consideration a new reality: there is a war to the south, it is even worse to the west of the country where we border Poland, Lithuania and other Baltic states. I emphasize: it is even worse. A number of units are being trained there, the commanders have been determined," the president said, reported by the BelTA Agency.
The statement was made at the time when the decision on the protection of the state border in 2024 was being determined.
Lukashenko emphasized that "the fighters of these units" who are ready to go against their own country are well known in Belarus.
"Therefore, I keep telling the military, and especially the defense minister that we must not miss anything, to put it simply. In no case should we allow any random developments on our border. Therefore, I call for double vigilance," the president noted.
The president was briefed on the situation on the state border, on the forces and means that are involved in maintaining border security in Belarus and in the neighboring countries.
Traditionally, at the beginning of the year, the head of state approves the decision on the protection of the state border. In 2023, it was - protection of border guards on land and anti-aircraft defense in the sky, the Russian portal Sputnik reminded.

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