Renowned Turkish scientist announces return from NASA

A renowned Turkish astrophysicist, Umut Yıldız, has announced he will leave his job at NASA in the United States to contribute to Türkiye's space initiatives amid the country's first astronaut's journey into space.

Having engaged in astrophysics and deep space research at NASA for a decade, Yıldız took to social media on Jan. 23 to declare his decision to return to his homeland and continue his space-related endeavors within Türkiye.

"Never did I imagine I would tweet about leaving NASA, yet here we are. I've always considered myself a space enthusiast, deeply immersed in the wonders of the cosmos since my earliest days. I've strived for years to contribute to space exploration, participating in numerous projects. Now, I am parting ways with NASA to leverage my experiences in advancing Türkiye's presence in space and collectively witnessing the nation's space leap," Yıldız expressed in a video message.

Yıldız emphasized that despite residing in the U.S. for the past 21 years, he had never truly departed from his country.

"In my efforts to enhance space awareness in my country, I've either traveled back and forth regularly or conducted online conferences, engaging in direct correspondence with tens of thousands of students. I've had the opportunity to motivate and guide numerous students in scientific and technical fields. I aspire to do even more," he added.

Industry and Technology Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır shared the video of Yıldız with a note saying "Welcome."

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