Green and Klay "broke down" while paying tribute to their "brother" Deki PHOTO

In an emotional ceremony preceding the game, the players of both teams stood quietly on the field while the Serbian national anthem was sung in honor of Milojevi.
The Golden State players came out for the warm-up in T-shirts with the initials of Dejan Milojevi written in the heart and the words "Deki" and "brother", which the former basketball player often used while working with the players.
A video and photos of Milojevi, who won a championship ring with the Warriors in 2022, were also aired.
After the singing of the American national anthem, the Golden State players took off their shirts and lined them up one by one on the chair where Milojevi had been sitting for the previous two and a half years. A white rose was left on that chair.
Milojevi's wife Nataa and two children Nikola and Maa tearfully watched the ceremony, and at the end they were presented with a bouquet of white roses.

Foto: Profimedia

Among the players particularly affected by Milojevic's death is Draymond Green, the NBA's bad boy who recently returned to the floor after being suspended for several unsportsmanlike attacks on opposing players.
Green followed the farewell ceremony in tears, showing how attached he was to the Serbian coach.
As coach Steve Kerr gave his speech, his teammate Klay Thompson broke down in tears.

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