Will an opponent be found for ND in 2024?

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis prepares to chair a cabinet meeting at Maximos Mansion in Athens, on January 24,2024. [Yiannis Liakos/Intime News]

In 2023, an unprecedented political scenario was created in Greece's post-dictatorship history. The electoral dominance of New Democracy, as reflected in the double elections of May and June, its steady demographic lead, the collapse of SYRIZA, the emergence of smaller parties of an ultraconservative character, and the overall fragmentation of the opposition, constitute unusual conditions, a consequence to a large extent of the economic and political crisis at the beginning of the last decade.

Is anything expected to change in 2024 or will the country continue to go through what is called "a political system of one and a half parties" and with the "half" even in decline? The answer will depend mainly on three parameters.

First, on the course of the government and the country as a whole. It is a cliche, but it is also true that the government's biggest opponents now -...

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