Vučić from Skopje: We are building the best possible relations, we need unity

"I am very happy that I could be with our people tonight in North Macedonia. I want to extend my gratitude to the representatives of the Macedonian state. It was a wonderful manifestation. I heard the magnificent speech of Igor Mirovi and I will ask him to prepare something for Candlemas, our National holiday Sretenje. I knew he was a poet, but this is his best speech," said Vui.
He reminded that Serbs and Macedonians have no one closer and that it is important to work together.
"Everything we do yields results, and you saw how enthusiastic our people were tonight. We need to work together as much as possible, we will need stronger cooperation around the EXPO," said the President.
He added that the Serbian people are respected in Macedonia, and that we need unity. He says that he is not particularly interested in the recommendations of the European Parliament regarding elections.
"Do you know what the previous recommendation was? Well, it was a recommendation to the countries that did not recognize the so-called Kosovo to recognize it. Fortunately, no one listened to them. It is clear to me in what direction it is going. The majority there are held by the greens and reds, greens and yellows, whatever you want. They will always bring some recommendations against the interests of Serbia. We will thank them, say that we understand what they want to say, and we will work on the future of Serbia. I can't explain to you how upset I am," said Vui.
Vui added that he was sorry for the people who are the target of personal attacks by the opposition, namely Dragan Djilas, talking about Dragana Kosjerina, who was attacked because she was the host of the presentation of the Serbia 2027 program, but the attacks on Milica Nedi, as well.

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