Finance Minister: Bulgaria Eyes Eurozone Entry by January 1, 2025

Asen Vassilev

Bulgaria's journey toward Eurozone membership has taken a significant step forward, with Finance Minister Asen Vassilev projecting a prospective entry date of January 1, 2025. In a collaborative effort to bolster regional ties, Vassilev engaged in fruitful discussions with Greek Finance Minister Stavros Papastavrou. The ministers underscored the robust and cooperative relationship between Bulgaria and Greece, emphasizing their pivotal roles as stabilizing forces in an increasingly uncertain geopolitical landscape.

During the media briefing, Minister Vassilev highlighted ongoing talks to enhance connectivity in the south-north direction, showcasing a commitment to fortifying regional infrastructure. Greece, in a show of support, advocated for Bulgaria's full Schengen membership, anticipating positive outcomes such as opened land borders and eased traffic across all border points.

The announcement follows a high-profile meeting between Bulgarian Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on January 4, 2025. Both nations are actively working to strengthen their neighborly relations, contributing to regional security and stability.

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