Bulgaria's Battle Against The Flu: Learning Pause in Multiple Regions, Epidemic Declared In More Regions


In response to the relentless surge in flu cases, Burgas, Sofia-region, Yambol, and Haskovo have decided to extend the suspension of on-site education for students. The regions are grappling with an unprecedented flu outbreak, leading to the implementation of stringent temporary anti-epidemic measures.

Burgas and Sofia-Region's Extended Measures

Burgas declared a flu epidemic on January 25, originally scheduled to last until January 31. However, owing to the persistently high incidence of the disease, authorities have opted to extend the temporary anti-epidemic measures until February 6.  This extension includes the suspension of on-site training, extracurricular activities, and all student-related events.

Simultaneously, Yambol region follows suit with the suspension of the learning process, mirroring the timeframe of Burgas. In Sofia-region, the measures will remain in effect until February 7, inclusive.

Educational Disruptions Across Bulgaria

Plovdiv took the lead by initiating the suspension of the educational process from January 29 to February 5. Varna, Pazardzhik, and Pernik join the list, enforcing the same measure until February 5 and February 9, respectively. Other impacted areas include Smolyan, Gabrovo, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, and Shumen.

Haskovo Region's Response

Haskovo region is not exempt from the flu epidemic. Temporary anti-epidemic measures will be in effect from February 1 to February 5, aligning with the region's commitment to curbing the spread of the virus. Similar measures, including the suspension of routine consultations, preventive examinations, mandatory immunizations, and reimmunizations, will be implemented. Additionally, a strict daily...

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