Vucic: We are strengthening our army to protect Serbia

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday Serbia was investing in its army to protect and defend itself although it was a militarily neutral country that was not threatening anyone.

"In today's circumstances, if you do not have an army that is strong enough, you will not have a country or a state either... When you look at how much, how and with what everyone around us is arming themselves, (you see that) we must strengthen our defence and our concept of the so-called total defence accordingly," Vucic said in response to questions from reporters during a display of Serbian Armed Forces arms and military equipment at the Topcider army barracks in Belgrade.

Even though it is a neutral country that is not threatening anyone, Serbia must be prepared, he said.

"We are neutral and not threatening anyone - only our territorial integrity has been...

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