Another Public Killing In Bulgaria - This Time "The Notary" Was Murdered

Martin Bojanov

In a shocking incident, Martin Bojanov, widely known as "The Notary," fell victim to a fatal shooting in Sofia's Gorna Banya neighborhood. The notorious figure, infamous for his involvement in fraudulent activities, was shot in the head.

The incident occurred on "Gornobansko Shosse" around 7:30 p.m., prompting an immediate and heightened police response. Sources suggest that multiple perpetrators were involved, and Bojanov was shot several times with a firearm.

The shooting took place in the presence of Bojanov's 68-year-old mother, along with a 4-year-old child and a baby. Medical assistance was provided to them at the scene, according to bTV reports.

Law enforcement authorities are currently working to ascertain the identity of the shooter or shooters and the motive behind the attack. Given the gravity of the situation, mass inspections of vehicles in Sofia have been initiated by the Ministry of the Interior. Both drivers and passengers are subjected to thorough checks.

Notably, the incident occurred on the same evening the Ministry of Internal Affairs had scheduled an emergency drill in the center of the capital at 10 p.m. It is presumed that the drill was canceled due to the unfolding criminal offense.

Martin Bojanov's criminal history includes allegations of usury against Veselin Denkov, as revealed by the now-closed special prosecutor's office. In 2021, the Bulgarian Anti-Corruption Fund published an investigation linking Bojanov to dubious real estate deals and portraying him as a self-styled intermediary in the judicial system.

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