Lucic: MTS to continue to operate in Kosovo-Metohija

BELGRADE - Telekom Srbija CEO Vladimir Lucic said on Wednesday MTS - a Telekom Srbija subsidiary in Kosovo-Metohija - would continue to operate and provide telephony, internet and television services to some 30,000 households in the province.

Speaking to the RTS, Lucic said all subscribers should rest assured of that.

"We will grow even stronger, Telekom Srbija is a company with great international reputation and we know how to protect our interests in case we are under threat," Lucic said.

He said the company was now trying to raise the issue of Pristina's failure to award to it a third operating licence pursuant to the Brussels Agreement.

He said the licence would enable Telekom Srbija to operate across the territory of Kosovo-Metohija.

"They (Pristina) know that would make us by far the number one company there and that we would suppress their...

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