Migrant shipwreck leaves two dead and one missing, as 57 make it to shore

Two people have been confirmed dead and one is presumed missing after a boat carrying at least 60 migrants from Turkey went down off Lesvos in the eastern Aegean on Monday night, the Athens-Macedonian News Agency reported the coast guard as saying on Wednesday.

According to the report, police on the island found 57 undocumented migrants who survived the wreck and swam to shore.

Survivors reportedly said that one of their fellow passengers was lost at sea when the boat struck rocks, while the bodies of two people, a woman and a man, washed ashore and were found by police on Tuesday morning.

The boat appears to have been overpowered by gale-force winds as it sailed from Turkey into Greek waters.

The coast guard said that rough conditions at sea made it impossible to conduct regular search and rescue operations.

The 57 migrants have since been...

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