Farmers' Fury: Eggs, Stones, and Chaos Unleashed at European Parliament

In a substantial protest on Thursday, farmers unleashed chaos near the European Parliament, pelting eggs and stones at the iconic building. The demonstration, fueled by grievances over taxes and escalating costs, turned volatile as fires ignited in the vicinity.

Small groups attempted to breach barriers set up in front of the parliament, prompting police to respond with tear gas and water hoses to quell the unrest, according to Reuters. Adding to the tumult, protesters toppled and set fire to the statue of industrialist John Cockerill in Luxembourg Square, right before the Parliament building.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, currently holding the EU Council presidency, condemned the attack on the historical site and the violence perpetrated by the protesters.

Chaos in the center of Brussels as farmers throw eggs at European Parliament building and light bonfires — Media

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The Belgian capital faced significant disruptions as around 1,300 tractors blocked main roads. Riot-gear-clad security officers formed human barriers around key EU buildings where leaders convene.

Farmers from various European countries, including Italy and Spain, joined the Brussels demonstration. A meeting between their representatives and European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski was scheduled for the evening. In response to ongoing protests in France, the European Commission proposed temporary adjustments to certain environmental requirements and a safeguard mechanism for imports of specific agricultural products from Ukraine.

Simultaneously, farmers in Portugal joined the unrest, marching to the Spanish border in the...

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