More details emerge in probe linked to Istanbul church attack

New details have emerged in the investigation into the armed attack on a Catholic church in Istanbul's Sarıyer district during Sunday service last week, shedding light on the events surrounding the deadly incident.

The clothes worn by the two attackers during the assault were discovered discarded in a garbage container as they attempted to flee the scene. The garments, found near the site of the attack claiming the life of a 52-year-old man, have been secured by authorities for further examination.

Meanwhile, investigations into the attackers' backgrounds revealed they worked as chefs at a Chinese restaurant in the Bahçelievler district.

Photographs of the detained assailants, identified as a Russian and a Tajik national, have been released by authorities.

Details of their attempts to alter their appearance and evade capture have also emerged. One of the assailants reportedly shaved his beard in a bid to avoid recognition while traveling to a hideout in the Güvercintepe neighborhood. However, law enforcement intercepted him before he could dispose of the shaver.

Further developments in the investigation have led to the recovery of the weapons used in the attack, located in the urban forest of the Kemerburgaz neighborhood. Additionally, the vehicle utilized by the attackers, bearing Polish license plates, was found abandoned in Beylikdüzü, its plates removed in an apparent attempt to evade detection.

The ISIL claimed responsibility shortly after the incident. The group's statement on its Telegram channels read that the attack was in response to its leader's call to "kill Jews and Christians everywhere."

Questions have arisen regarding the departure from ISIL's typical methods, with Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya...

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