Murder of taxi driver in İzmir sparks public outrage

A taxi driver has fallen victim to a murder committed by an extortionist who had deceitfully posed as a customer, triggering widespread public outrage and sparked protests among his colleagues.

A 19-year-old assailant identified as Delil Aysal hailed the taxi driven by Oğuz Erge, instructing him to navigate through various neighborhoods around 3:30 a.m. on Jan. 31.

Prior to leaving the vehicle, the perpetrator fired three shots at Erge and extorted his phone and earphones before fleeing the scene.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, late on Feb. 1, announced Erge's demise at the hospital where he received treatment. Simultaneously, the police apprehended the assailant, along with the weapon used in the crime.

Footage from the taxi's surveillance camera revealed Erge explaining to the assailant that, under normal circumstances, he wouldn't accept customers at that hour as he was en route home. Still, due to the cold weather, he hesitated to leave the individual outside.

The assailant, concealing his identity with a medical mask and a hood, departed the vehicle, uttering the words to Erge, "You shouldn't trust some people."

Commenting on the widely circulated video recording, Koca expressed profound sorrow, emphasizing its disturbing nature in terms of "responding to kindness with brutality."

A large number of social media users condemned the incident, while taxi drivers, highlighting the lack of personal safety during work, protested the situation.

In the initial statement to the police, the attacker denied boarding the taxi with the intention of robbery and assault, asserting that the incident occurred "spontaneously."

Erge's body was brought to the İzmir Forensic Medicine Institute morgue by a convoy of...

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