Mytilineos expands mining, aluminium activities to Africa

Mytilineos on Monday announced that it has obtained a prospecting license from the Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) to explore and subsequently extract bauxite deposits in the Ninayhin-Mpasaso region.

The signing ceremony, attended by the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, took place in Accra on January 26. Highlighting the successful Energy & Metals model and the synergies resulting from it, Mytilineos seeks to implement a similar mode of operation in Ghana, already having an in-depth understanding of the country's energy sector, through the execution of a multitude of energy projects.

In the initial 18-month implementation stage of the project, the company will conduct necessary studies to confirm reserves and develop mines.

Simultaneously, a comprehensive feasibility study will be conducted. The area containing the deposits under...

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