Brnabić on TV Prva: "Vučić is fighting for Serbia in New York, while opposition..."

She will talk about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, the address of Serbian President Aleksandar Vui at the UN Security Council session, as well as the position of the opposition, which claims that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is not a domestic matter for Serbia.
"They are ready to demand the abolition of the sovereignty of their own country and to invite foreigners to decide what this country will do, who will lead it and be proud of it. It is a shame that there are such people. I don't think anyone will be punished because the EP resolutions are non-binding. If they were, Serbia would have been severely punished five times by now. They asked Serbia to stop violating the constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo, to immediately recognize it as an independent member. The European Parliament called on the European Commission to stop our integration if we don't impose sanctions on Russia and nothing happened," Brnabi began.
"I think this is a humiliation the Serbian opposition has never seen," she added.
She emphasized that Serbia lost half of its male population during the First World War in order to preserve its sovereignty.
"They themselves asked for the sovereignty of their country to be revoked and for an international investigation to be launched. Our ancestors died, our children died to defend sovereignty and they did not allow an international investigation, and now you have an opposition that is asking for it. It has never been clearer what kind of opposition we have, that they want foreigners to install them in power and that they will stop at nothing to make that happen. This is an attempt to destabilize Serbia. The elections were held and the electoral will is clear. The citizens said what kind of Serbia...

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