Rotation Dispute: GERB Seeks Fresh Pick for Bulgarian Foreign Minister

Borissov and Gabriel

In a move set to shake up Bulgaria's political landscape, the ruling party GERB has announced its intention to nominate a new candidate for the position of foreign minister during the ongoing ministerial rotation. This decision comes as a response to objections raised by the party We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) regarding the reappointment of Mariya Gabriel to the role.

Speaking on the sidelines of parliament, GERB leader Boyko Borissov revealed the party's plan to put forward an alternative candidate for the foreign ministerial position. While Borissov did not disclose the name of the prospective nominee under consideration, he emphasized the party's commitment to finding a suitable replacement.

"If they (WCC-DB) don't want Mariya Gabriel to remain prime minister and foreign minister, we will nominate another foreign minister - in the ministry in which we have agreed with them. This is the only option," Borissov asserted. He further indicated that failure to accept this proposal would result in GERB's ministers and regional governors retaining their positions without rotation.

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