Vučić after UN Security Council session: People must know that we will fight for them

"You saw our arguments, our answers - responsible and serious. You saw arguments based on personal hatred, on lies about Sandulovi and various other nonsense," said Vui.
He points out that Britain and Switzerland were the harshest against us.
"It seems to me that we were able to speak with facts about what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija. This will not solve the problems, but the people must know that we will fight for them," said Vui.
He says that our arguments could be heard, which were not without real content and facts. "The American representative said that this is not the place to talk about Kosovo and Metohija. Unfortunately, thanks to the decisions of some others from 2010, this was not the place to talk about Kosovo and Metohija," said Vui and expressed his satisfaction that this is not the case now. He says that Serbia fought in New York today, not him. "I had an hour just to put on my suit. I was preparing for the performance on the plane. Here we fought for our country, and some others against their own country. This is a small but significant victory for Serbia," said Vui.
Vui said that the continuation of the dialogue is possible, if the Community of Serbian Municipalities is formed, for which our people have been waiting for 11 years.

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