After the Security Council session, Kurti goes to Skopje to meet Djilas PHOTO/VIDEO

Less than 24 hours after the UN Security Council session, it was announced that Albin Kurti will travel to Skopje for a meeting with Dragan Djilas.
A panel discussion on the topic "Progressive policies - a response to the challenges of the countries of the Western Balkans" will be held today, at 6:30 p.m., in Daut Pashin Hammam, organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, office in Skopje, according to the announcement. The announcement states that Albin Kurti and Dragan Djilas will speak on the panel.

Prime Minister of Pristina's provisional institutions, Albin Kurti, yesterday, February 8, participated in the extraordinary session of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), which was convened at the request of Serbia due to the latest decisions of the Pristina authorities.
Albin Kurti, a man who had the support and words of praise from the leaders of the Serbian opposition - Dragan Djilas, Vuk Jeremic, Vladeta Jankovi, referred to the legal dispute about Kosovo's independence from the time of the former government of Serbia, which today wholeheartedly supports him.
"The International Court of Justice issued an advisory opinion on July 22, 2010. The Court said that Kosovo's declaration of independence does not violate international law. There is no greater court on the planet than the International Court of Justice. The legal debate on the justification of our independence is over!", said Kurti.

Aljbin Kurti - ovek koji je imao podrku i rei hvale od lidera srpske opozicije - ilasa, Jeremia, Vladete Jankovia...:
"Meunarodni sud pravde je dao savetodavno miljenje 22. jula 2010. Sud

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