Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin created chaos - millions of people in one hour

In the interview, Putin said, among other things, that he has no intention of attacking Poland, and that starting a global war is against common sense.
He added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, after winning the presidential elections in 2019, should have "led Ukraine towards peace", but then he changed his decision.
He also touched on relations with Serbia, saying that Russia had to defend Serbia during the breakup of Yugoslavia because, as he stated, Serbs are a special people and a people close to Russia.
"As soon as the events in Yugoslavia began, Boris Yeltsin raised his voice in support of the Serbs. We could not help but stand in defense of the Serbs because the Serbs are a special people close to us, with an Orthodox culture. It is a people that had been suffering for generations," Putin said.

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