Klitschko: Putin would attack Alaska, Ukraine will not be the last

He spoke about the interview of American journalist Tucker Carlson with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"I saw the interview. Putin wants to take back history and rewrite it. If the US was weak enough, Putin would also want to attack the state of Alaska, and he would have a reason to do so: Alaska used to be part of Russia. That will probably have to go back to Russia "Putin's Russia is evil. If Ukraine falls, we will not be the last country to fall victim to the Russian invasion," Klitschko warned, adding that Germany also often forgets that the East was part of the Soviet empire.
He pointed out that Russian propaganda is persistent in lies, which can be seen in mass media sponsored by the Russian state, not only in Russia but also abroad.
"Unfortunately, this can be seen in Germany, in Europe, in the USA, it is a war not only with drones, but also in the media. The media is one of the most dangerous and strongest weapons that exists," concluded Klitschko, whose brother Vitaliy, also multiple world boxing champion, is current mayor of Kyiv.

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