New Messene museum to house 19,000 artifacts

[Andreas Simopoulos]

The upcoming Archaeological Museum of Ancient Messene in the Peloponnese is set to provide an additional 800 square meters of exhibition space over the capacity of the existing structure. The enhanced facility will also include supplementary storage facilities and additional rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions and educational programs. The Museum Council of the Ministry of Culture unanimously approved the preliminary museological study early this week.

Commissioned due to the wealth of discoveries unearthed during excavations at the Ancient Messene site from 1987 until the passing of University of Crete professor Petros Themelis in October 2023, the new archaeological museum will showcase a curated selection of 19,000 movable artifacts. These artifacts, including architectural elements, sculptures, pottery, coins, metal objects, and bones, were uncovered by Themistoklis...

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