Government braces for a tough week ahead

Protesters take part in a rally against same-sex marriage, at central Syntagma square, in Athens, Sunday. [Yorgos Karahalis/AP]

The government is gearing up for a challenging week ahead, with three contentious pieces of legislation set to be voted on or tabled in Parliament. Additionally, a crucial meeting between the prime minister and farmers' representatives will determine whether we will witness protest tractors arriving in Athens.

Three bills, concerning same-sex marriage, private universities, and a new penal code, which have sparked serious reactions - either within the ranks of the ruling New Democracy party or within society - will reach a critical point this week.

Workers in the agricultural sector were unimpressed by the package of measures announced earlier this month and are escalating their protests. An opinion poll conducted by Pulse revealed that 68% of Greeks are "certainly" or "probably" supportive of the farmers' demands, while only 13% of respondents held a negative view.<...

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