Greece launches job program for long-term unemployed seniors

Greece's Public Employment Service (DYPA) has launched a subsidy program to open up 1,300 jobs for long-term unemployed people aged between 55 and 74, the labor, interior and economics ministries announced on Monday.

The program will have a budget of €31.2 billion and span 24 months, aiming to create 1,300 new full-time jobs in the public healthcare sector. 

The jobs will be eligible for two age groups, between 55 and 67, and between 67 and 74, who have nevertheless not fulfilled full pension requirements and are registered on DYPA's unemployment list.

The subsidy amount per beneficiary is set at 75% of salary and non-salary costs up to €750 and is covered by DYPA's budget and the state.

"Not only do we support the long-term unemployed through this program, but we further bolster the structures of the public healthcare system. Our aim, which is clear, is...

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