Eurostat: Greece ranks third in number of radio stations in EU

[InTime News]

Greece has the third highest number of radio stations in the EU, after Spain and Italy, data from the EU's statistical arm Eurostat has shown.

According to the figures, released to mark World Radio Day, Spain, with 714 stations, Italy (679), Greece (599), France (343) and Portugal (299) held the top five spots in 2022 in terms of the number of radio stations.

The countries with the fewest radio stations were Luxembourg (5), Estonia (9), Slovakia (14), Malta (19) and Lithuania (20).

In terms of stations per million population, Slovenia recorded the highest ratio with 75 stations enterprises per million inhabitants, followed by Greece (57), Malta (36), Cyprus and Croatia (both 35).

In contrast, the lowest ratios were found in Poland (2), Germany and Slovakia (both 3), the Czech Republic (4) and Austria, France and Sweden (all 5). [AMNA]

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