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There is a worldwide shortage of quality professionals. Every industry struggles with best talents shortage. The problem also applies to the IT industry, which is growing rapidly and has a huge impact on the development of other industries. The time to find high-class specialists and tech talents has increased a lot recently, and as you know, time costs money. That's why many companies decide not to search on their own, but entrust finding IT talent to recruiters in different countries and parts of the globe. IT Recruitment Poland is also offered by Sowelo, a recruitment agency in Krakow. Sounds like an ideal solution for your company if you are urgently in need of an IT specialist!

Time for a few words about headhunters from Sowelo. The recruitment agency is based in Poland, in Cracow. It has been providing recruitment services since 2007. Sowelo's team is made up of experienced talent hunters with many successful recruitment projects in Poland and abroad. The agency's offerings include IT Recruitment Poland, Executive Search, Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Assessment and Talent Market Mapping. What is more, Sowelo specializes in recruitment in various areas, just to name a few like Robotic Process Automation, Software, Internet, Storage, Infrastructure, Networks, Security, Mobile and Consulting Services.

If you are looking for talents with the right qualifications, feel free to contact Sowelo. The agency guarantees to deliver to your company the best candidates with the right professional qualifications.

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Since the beginning of its operations Sowelo recruitment agency has already completed more than 1...

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