Stassis presents PPC’s transition, expansion plans to US energy official

[Georgios Stassis' LinkedIn profile]

The chairman and CEO of Greece's power utility company PPC's presented the company's plans to penetrate the region of the Western Balkans and the Southeast Mediterranean to the US Assistant Secretary for Energy Resources Geoffrey Pyatt at a meeting in Washington on Monday.

"I informed him of our energy transition plans, new clean and flexible generation investments in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and the rest of the region, and the important role of PPC S.A. with regards expanding the regions' energy corridors and the Three Seas Initiative," Georgios Stassis said in a post on his LinkedIn profile.

PPC has already completed the acquisition of ENEL Romania, which includes networks, the supply activity and RES units, while the new business plan presented recently includes the expansion to the Bulgarian market and/or the wider region, where the group intends to have 1.1 GW...

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