The Tragedy in Borovets: For a Photo Greek Tourists Triggered the Avalanche Leaving One Dead

In a harrowing turn of events, a group of Greek tourists sparked a fatal avalanche in Borovets, Bulgaria, while venturing off-track for a photo opportunity. The Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) revealed that the incident, which occurred in an area known for avalanche risks, resulted in the loss of one life and left others in peril.

Yesterday, Borovets was rattled by the force of an avalanche that swept through the Markudjik 3 area, catching the group of Greek skiers and snowboarders off guard. The aftermath of the avalanche left one individual missing, plunging the ski resort into a state of shock.

Tragically, the search for the missing skier ended in grim discovery as their lifeless body was recovered from the snow-covered terrain. Eyewitnesses recounted the ill-fated decision of the group to descend down the steep slope, a move that proved fatal in the absence of proper avalanche safety measures.

Compounding the tragedy was the absence of an avalanche device on the deceased skier, leaving them vulnerable to the unforgiving force of nature. Witnesses described the chaotic scene as the avalanche swept down the slope, narrowly sparing two individuals who managed to escape its grasp.

The ensuing rescue operation spanned five grueling hours, mobilizing 25 mountain rescuers and four search dogs in a desperate bid to locate the missing skier. Stefan Hristov, a witness to the incident, recounted to BNR his futile attempt to warn the Greek tourists of the perilous conditions, highlighting the inherent dangers of disregarding safety protocols in mountainous terrain.

"First they descended in a chain, in order to take pictures. They were very close to each other, and that is not supposed to be done," he commented. According to him,...

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