Lack of anesthesiologists creating long waiting lists


The shortage of anesthesiologists at Thessaloniki hospitals has led to surgery waiting times of up to two years. "In Thessaloniki, only 50% of anesthesiologist positions at hospitals are filled," Aikaterini Amaniti, president of the Society of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Medicine of Northern Greece, told Kathimerini.

She says one of the main reasons is that the number of positions advertised is small, and whoever takes a position will be on constant standby and have to move around hospitals to fill gaps. 

Amaniti said a significant number of anesthesiologists head to the private sector, Cyprus, the UK and elsewhere. 

"Without financial incentives, with the existing working conditions, and a hostile climate from hospital administrations and surgeons who blame anesthesiologists for not processing the operating list quickly, the anesthesiologist's last option will...

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