Restoration in Grand Bazaar causes backlash

Restoration teams in Istanbul's historic Grand Bazaar have drilled walls and installed thick beams, prompting a strong reaction from shopkeepers.

While a large part of the Grand Bazaar restoration has been completed, operations continue in certain parts of the bazaar. In the 563-year-old historical structure with more than 4,000 shops, most of the work carried out on infrastructure, installations, floors and main walls are nearly finalized.

During the restoration, which is expected to be completed in the short term, the intervention in the section known as "Şark Kahvesi" became a subject of discussion.

According to the claim of the shopkeepers, the walls of the structure in the section were pierced by the restoration team about a month ago, and in the following weeks, thick support equipment was installed between the opposite walls at the pierced spots.

İhsan Sarı, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Grand Bazaar Restoration Program, said that the iron support equipment was placed against a possible earthquake due to the static risk in the area.

Shopkeepers, on the other hand, reacted to the situation, claiming that the equipment created visual pollution and damaged the walls of the historical building.

Municipality officials made a statement about the restoration, saying that there were problems in some localized areas and that these would be resolved as soon as possible.

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