Bulgaria's Ex-PM Borissov Condemns Navalny's Death as Russian Regime Murder

Boyko Borissov

In a statement on his Facebook profile, GERB leader Boyko Borissov vehemently denounced the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, declaring it a blatant act of murder orchestrated by the Kremlin regime.

Expressing disbelief at Navalny's demise, Borissov emphasized that the opposition leader was not simply dead, but rather killed by the oppressive regime. He characterized the incident as a grave assault on democracy, calling for urgent action to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Borissov underscored the necessity of exerting strong pressure on the Kremlin in response to Navalny's death, advocating for increased support to Ukraine amidst escalating tensions.

The announcement of Navalny's death came from the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, which reported that Navalny fell ill and lost consciousness during a walk. Despite efforts by medical personnel to revive him, Navalny passed away. However, there has been no confirmation of his death from his team at the moment.

Navalny, who was serving a lengthy sentence on extremism charges, had been transferred to a "special regime" penal colony in December. Situated behind the North polar circle, this facility represents Russia's highest security level.

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