Father and 15-year-old son of Amish-like family living off-grid arrested


The 47-year-old father of the self-described "early Christian" family living in the Corinthia municipality, Peloponnese, in a makeshift dwelling without modern rudimentary facilities, was arrested on Sunday for failure to comply with the compulsory education requirement for his three minor children.

The man resisted police checks, leading to his apprehension and transport to the local police station.

Following investigations, his 15-year-old son was located and transferred to a juvenile facility under a prosecutor's order. 

Meanwhile, police, assisted by prosecutorial authorities, are searching for the suspect's wife and mother of the children, as well as the remaining family members not found during Sunday's extensive search. 

The seven-member family reportedly resided without access to electricity or running water in a shack with a 30-meter tunnel...

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