Borissov Having Fun: No Cabinet Rotation On March 6!

Boyko Borissov, the chairman of GERB, made an unexpected announcement during a live broadcast on "Facebook," revealing that the anticipated cabinet rotation between Nikolai Denkov and Mariya Gabriel on March 6 will not proceed as planned. The reason cited for the delay is GERB's participation in the congress of the European People's Party (EPP) in Bucharest, where crucial votes, including support for Ursula Von der Leyen's possible second term as the head of the European Commission, will take place.

"The Congress is serious enough. I have to vote, so I can't be here," Borissov stated, emphasizing the significance of GERB's presence at the EPP event. However, Borissov expressed dissatisfaction with GERB's partners, particularly "We Continue the Change," regarding Denkov's proposed position as Minister of Foreign Affairs after Gabriel assumes the role of prime minister. Borissov criticized the insistence on Denkov's appointment, stating, "You want to take the poor man's shirt off his back."

"From the outside, we look like a group of people who are fighting for meetings, positions and trips. It's as if Bulgaria's politics and welfare are being done abroad. We don't do that," announced Borissov during a meeting with sympathizers in Kostenets. He said that Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov and Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel are currently traveling too much, so that they do not have time to evaluate the work of ministries so far. "People just can't stop traveling! (...) It's not just about traveling, but what decisions you will make," said Borissov.

"In other words, the people who have to negotiate on the rotation cannot see each other! And these meetings on the rotation are so important. We are...

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