Gender Pay Gap Widens in Bulgaria: Women Earn 12.6% Less Than Men

In Bulgaria, a stark reality persists: women continue to face significant disparities in earnings compared to their male counterparts, with the latest data from the National Statistical Institute revealing a troubling trend.

According to the institute's findings for the year 2022, women in Bulgaria receive an average of 12.6% lower remuneration than men, highlighting persistent gender inequality in the workforce. This figure marks a notable increase from the previous year, where the pay gap stood at 11.8% in favor of men.

Delving deeper into the data, the disparities become even more pronounced across various economic sectors. In the realm of financial and insurance activities, for instance, women face a staggering pay gap of over 30%, underscoring systemic inequities within these industries. Similarly, in the field of "Human health care and social work," women experience a substantial wage gap of 24%, further amplifying concerns about gender-based discrimination in remuneration.

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