Netanyahu Asserts Israel's Continued Control Over Palestinian Territories

@Wikimedia Commons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a decisive statement yesterday, indicating Israel's intention to maintain full military control over all Palestinian territories, even in the event of a two-state solution. Quoted by DPA, Netanyahu's assertion underscores a firm stance on Israel's military presence in regions including the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

"In all cases, with or without a lasting settlement to the conflict, Israel will maintain full military control over all areas west of the Jordan River," Netanyahu emphasized in a video address.

The remarks come amidst increasing international calls, particularly from the United States, for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This solution envisions a peaceful coexistence between a Jewish state and a Palestinian state, encompassing territories such as the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, which were occupied by Israel in 1967.

Washington, Israel's staunchest ally, has been a vocal proponent of the two-state solution, viewing it as a crucial step towards resolving both the current conflict in Gaza and the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian discord.

However, Netanyahu, a prominent figure in the Israeli right-wing political spectrum, has consistently opposed the two-state solution throughout his career. His recent statement serves as a reaffirmation of his longstanding position on the matter.

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