Serbia Stands Firm: Refuses to Impose Sanctions on Russia Despite Western Pressure

@Wikimedia Commons

In a resolute stance against mounting Western pressure, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has affirmed Serbia's commitment to maintaining an independent foreign policy, particularly regarding its refusal to impose sanctions on Russia. Speaking in an interview with TASS, Vucic emphasized Serbia's solidarity with Russia, citing historical ties and shared experiences.

Amid the conflict in Ukraine, Vucic acknowledged Serbia's condemnation of the violence while reiterating its principled stance against punitive measures targeting Russia. "We indicated that our position is not to introduce sanctions against the Russian Federation," Vucic stated, underscoring Serbia's empathy towards the Russian people and its aversion to imposing punitive measures.

Highlighting Serbia's distinct position within Europe, Vucic noted that Serbia stands alone as the only country on the continent that has refrained from imposing sanctions on Russia. He emphasized that discussions surrounding sanctions against Russia dominate international forums where Serbia is present, underscoring the significance of its principled stance.

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