Vučić: "The movement is important. I'm only interested in Serbia, that we save KiM"

"From Monday, I will start consultations in accordance with the Constitution. During the next week, I will talk with those who want to talk, there will be those who will not. I will consult with everyone who wants to talk, and after that, I will appoint the mandate holders," Vucic said.
"As for objections, I think that is the smallest objection, I think it is pointless. Regardless of whether I am the holder of a list or not. The electoral roll is something that is available to everyone. Any person can check whether he is registered or not. The electoral roll is always an excuse for some people who don't want to know enough, who pretend not to know, and use it as an excuse for their own failures," Vui told RTS.
President of Serbia pointed out that there will be no reduction in tensions in society as long as you have media that focus all their activity against political opponents.
"As far as I'm concerned, I'm ready to talk and do everything possible to reduce those tensions and to discuss all the key issues, but those key issues cannot be 'we want power without elections because we think that we should form the government regardless of the results,'" said Vui.
President of Serbia pointed out that there are many important issues ahead of us, many difficult challenges, but also many good things.
"I am sure that we will have a large majority, but it would be good if a certain number of them join in with their criticism, good criticism, based on evidence, from the opposition is a great contribution," said Vui.
When it comes to the Resolution of the European Parliament, Vui stated that at the beginning of it, it is stated that he "abused his position" by calling the elections, and he reminds that the elections were called at the...

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