Vučić revealed whether Serbia intends to impose sanctions on Russia

"We are not boasting off or anything like that, but as you can see, my answer will continue to be that we will try to defend our position as long as possible. We managed to do that for two years. Whether we will continue to do that - I don't know, but I hope so'', said Vui in an interview with TASS Director General Andrey Kondrashov.
He stated that when the conflict in Ukraine began, he said that he did not know how events would develop and that a decision was made at the state level for Serbia to condemn the conflict, like everyone else, but that Serbia's position is not to impose sanctions on Russia.
"I said that then because we know from our own experience how it feels when sanctions are imposed on you. We have a friendly people and it would be unfair to treat the Russian people like that," added Vui.
"But I told the Serbs that I couldn't guarantee that because I didn't know what the pressure would be like in the future. I didn't want to play the hero for one, two or three days, and then change my decision. But what I'm saying is, 'I don't know' , and when I say that I don't know, my word is more valuable than anyone's firm promise, pointed out Vui
He pointed out that after exactly two years since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Serbia is the only country in Europe that has not introduced any sanctions.
"You have many friends in all European countries and all of them have imposed sanctions on Russia. Someone will tell you that they were imposed by the central government and that they are against it, someone will say that we have imposed sanctions on you, but we help in other things. The only country that has not done that is little Serbia," Vucic pointed out and added that at every international event he attends, "the...

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