70% Of Bulgarians Favor Banning Animal Cages In Farms

Невидими животни

According to a sociological study by Market Links from 2023, just over two-thirds of Bulgarian citizens believe that Bulgaria should support the gradual cessation of industrial farming in cages in the EU, and more than half would vote for a politician who advocates this position.

Millions of animals each year in Europe spend their lives or parts of them confined in cages. Cage farming affects laying hens, mother pigs, calves, quails, rabbits, ducks, and geese on industrial farms.

"Rearing sensitive, intelligent beings in cramped cages where they cannot even turn around, stretch, or care for their young is a true nightmare. Confinement in cages causes animals distress, extreme physical discomfort, psychological disturbances, and suffering. This practice has no place in the 21st century, and all of us as a society even intuitively understand this", shares Elia Tileva, an activist from the civil organization "Invisible Animals".

The Market Links study addresses:

  •        Interest in topics related to animal rights;
  •        Perceived ethical issues related to industrial animal farming;
  •        Attitudes towards animal rights;
  •        Views on the path to achieving more humane and sustainable models;
  •        Attitudes toward models for changing consumer behavior;
  •        Attitudes towards phasing out cage farming of animals;
  •        Attitudes towards political representation of sustainable ideas.

The results of the study indicate that:

  •        82% of people support the statement that animals used in the food industry have the right to live outside cages and in a natural or near...
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