Belarus President Lukashenko Calls for Armed Patrols Inside the Country

@Wikimedia Commons

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has urged law enforcement agencies to deploy armed patrols on the streets of the country's cities to bolster public safety, according to Reuters reports.

During a meeting with top security agencies, Lukashenko emphasized the importance of ensuring citizens' safety both at home and in public spaces. While acknowledging a decline in the overall crime rate, Lukashenko expressed concerns about the potential rise of "extremist" crimes within Belarus.

In a video of the meeting, Lukashenko emphasized the need for proactive measures to address security threats, warning against external influences targeting vulnerable individuals. He directed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB, and other security entities to step up efforts in controlling such activities.

The Belarusian leader stressed the importance of having armed patrols equipped with light weapons, such as pistols, to maintain law and order effectively.

Lukashenko's call for enhanced security measures comes amid his vocal support for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow's military intervention in Ukraine.

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