Bodrum eyes record tourist influx in 2024

The picturesque coastal town of Bodrum in the Aegean region is gearing up to welcome a significant influx of tourists in 2024, with the Bodrum Hoteliers Association (BODER) aiming to attract over 100,000 visitors via cruise ships and more than 1 million through air travel.

Last year, Bodrum, renowned as one of the world's premier tourism destinations, saw 101 cruise ships bringing in 102,479 foreign tourists. As the tourist season quickly approaches, authorities anticipate a similar trend to last year. Plans have been laid out for the arrival of passenger ships and flights to the region, according to Ömer Faruk Dengiz, President of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association.

"In 2024, we expect over 100 cruise ships to bring more than 100,000 foreign tourists to Bodrum," Dengiz stated. "Additionally, we anticipate welcoming over 1 million passengers via air travel. Flight schedules with relevant airlines have been finalized since January, and we foresee increased traffic after March 26. Especially noteworthy is the expected influx of American tourists, predominantly arriving via cruise ships. Departures from Istanbul Galataport also contribute to the anticipated visitor surge. Barring any unforeseen obstacles, we expect robust sales this year."

Dengiz emphasized Bodrum's enduring appeal as a tourist hotspot, "We have proven Bodrum's indispensability as a destination, and we will continue our efforts. This year, we anticipate visitors from countries like the UK, Russia, Germany, and Poland."

The ambitious tourism targets underscore Bodrum's status as a sought-after destination, promising a vibrant season ahead for the coastal town and its hospitality sector.

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