Fresh Golden Visa concerns

Real estate professionals, foreign investors and homeowners have been concerned in the past few days over the precise changes being planned to the Golden Visa program.

One common theme in the opinions expressed to Kathimerini is that if the minimum amount of the investment is set at 800,000 euros in the whole of Attica and Thessaloniki, the program will lose its competitiveness and most investors will turn to other countries, where the cost of securing a residence permit in exchange for the investment is lower. For example, in Cyprus, the threshold is at €300,000 and in Spain at €500,000.

If, however, a middle-ground solution is chosen, so that there are areas in Attica where the minimum limit will start at €400,000, it is estimated that purchasing interest may continue, but without the excess of the recent past, therefore decompressing prices. 

However, in...

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