Gov’t mulls reducing work hours: Report

As the government mulls over simplifying labor legislation in Türkiye, media reports are discussing the potential reduction of working hours. However, despite signals of change, concrete action is yet to be taken.

New regulations on many topics from wages to working hours, from general holiday pay to flexible working are reportedly in the works. The Presidential Legal Policies Council has been working for some time to eliminate, update and renew the disorganized legislation on working life.

"Separate labor laws currently in force will be unified and regulated under the name of the Turkish Labor Law, and working hours, wage policies, a totalizing and integrative labor law and the social security law, occupational health and safety laws can be brought into compliance with it," social security consultant Emin Yılmaz said.

In this context, it is stated that working hours, which is currently 45 hours for employees, may be reduced to 35-40 hours.

"We have seen signals of this, especially in the government's election manifesto, the 2023-2025 Medium Term Program, and the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan of the Labor Ministry. I anticipate that the regulation will be shared with the public when it is more mature." Yılmaz highlighted.

In the last months, Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Işıkhan said, "We will expand flexible working forms in the social security system with an approach that encourages people to stay in employment more and prioritizes equity and actuarial balance."

While there are reports that working hours will be reduced, examples in other countries are being evaluated.

"When we look at examples from around the world, full-time work in the U.S. varies between 35 and 40 hours per week. In France, it is limited...

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