Greece’s youngest hauler

A little while back, a message appeared on Maria Biniola's Facebook wall. It was from her mother, Giota Kiropoulou, and it read: "Besides my daughter, I realized that while some spend their entire lives figuring out who they really are, others know it from the moment they come into the world. I feel fortunate that my daughter is my role model." For a family accustomed to journeys, this one was the most significant. It involved the parents deeply accepting in their hearts that their daughter would follow in their tire tracks on the roads, doing what she truly desires - climbing into the truck, traveling and driving. Two years later, they have affirmed that her decision wasn't just correct; it was the only one possible.

At 22 years old today, Maria, hailing from Alexandria in the regional unit of Imathia, is likely the youngest female truck driver in Greece, or at least among...

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