Mystery shrouds arrest of two Turkish nationals in Crete

File photo.

Two Turkish nationals, aged 22 and 27, have been arrested in Hania, on the southern island of Crete, sparking speculation in the media about their activities.

The suspects were apprehended following a police raid at a luxurious villa situated near the beach of Tersanas, in close proximity to Hania airport, during an operation on Monday. This operation also relied on information provided by Greece's intelligence service, EYP.

Reportedly, the suspects entered Greece in early September by crossing the northeastern Evros border between the two countries. On the same day, they allegedly submitted an asylum request at the reception and identification center in Orestiada, claiming persecution risk in Turkey.

Subsequently, the two individuals were placed under surveillance by EYP, which led to their arrest in Hania on Monday.

During the villa raid, law...

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