New Elections in Bulgaria Loom as Gabriel Rejects the WCC-DB Memorandum

Mariya Gabriel

"I will not sign the memorandum. Everything has its limits," announced Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel during an extraordinary briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as she rejected the proposed WCC-DB memorandum and accused its proponents of engaging in political maneuvering.

Describing the WCC-DB memorandum as a thinly veiled attempt at political bargaining, Gabriel staunchly refused to lend her signature to the document put forth by "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria". She emphasized, "I perceive this so-called ultimatum memorandum as an endeavor to manipulate legislation for the benefit of specific party interests."

Furthermore, Gabriel expressed concerns over what she perceived as an attempt by WCC-DB to exert political influence over the judiciary and other governmental bodies. She asserted, "The proposed document essentially suggests a division of state services and regulatory powers between political coalitions, which blatantly contradicts constitutional principles."

In response to allegations that the reforms outlined in the memorandum were unachievable within the proposed timeframe, Gabriel challenged, "If these objectives were truly attainable in just six months, why have they not been pursued or accomplished until now?"

Expressing her discontent with the proposal's implications, Gabriel underscored, "I refuse to endorse this memorandum, which disregards fundamental democratic principles. The state must be governed with respect for democratic norms and the rule of law."

Gabriel also notified EU and US ambassadors of her decision regarding the memorandum, emphasizing Bulgaria's commitment to maintaining a unified stance in...

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