“Pirogov” Hospital Inspection: No Evidence of Crimes, Few Administrative Violations Noted

The inspection in "Pirogov" conducted by the Agency for State Financial Inspection (ASFI), initiated by the Bulgarian Minister of Health, Professor Hinko Hinkov, has concluded. The medical institution reported that no evidence of committed crimes or abuses has been found.

The audit report, with a volume of 93 pages, presents the complete examination of the hospital's activities for the period from the beginning of July 2022 to the end of July 2022.

According to the report, four administrative violation notices were issued. The initial three were due to a minor delay of a few days in uploading data to the specialized information system known as "ЦАЙС". The final notice was related to the purchase of medical supplies without preceding tender procedures, despite an ongoing process for a new tender as mandated by the prior management. The current management took this action out of urgent necessity, given the continuous 24/7 operation catering to critically ill patients from Sofia and nationwide. This statement is provided by the hospital.

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