Probe into children’s charity founder Father Antonios reinstated

[InTime News]

Judges returned the case file against Father Antonios Papanikolaou, the founder of the Ark of the World children's charity, which is under investigation for child abuse and financial crimes, to the investigator on Wednesday, requesting further interrogations to be conducted.

The Council of Misdemeanors ordered the judicial officer handling the case not to close the inquiry and conduct further interrogations in a particular direction before ruling on the case against the clergyman.

The Judicial Council members decided the investigator should obtain additional testimony from Father Antonios regarding allegations of abuse against a 19-year-old who, at the time, was under 14, and who resided in an Ark of the World facility.

Additionally, they request statements from the 19-year-old's two siblings, to whom the victim had allegedly disclosed events occurring while he...

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